Top 4 Fitness Conventions and Conference to Attend in 2017

Whether you want to get inspiration, get a solution to your fitness problems or just get some few tips on how to exercise without limits, fitness conferences will always offer a fantastic learning experience. Probably, you’ve heard about IDEA world fitness, Fit Expo or ACE Sports and how they have changed lives. And probably, you are wondering why fitness fanatics are so obsessed with them.

Here is the fact; fitness conference is not only about learning new stuff. It is a convention that brings together trainers, fitness fanatics and motivational speakers around the globe to help solve some issues that are related to health and fitness.

How you will benefit by attending a fitness convention this year

  • Engage in inspirational exercises – At the fitness conference, you will get a chance to perform different exercises that range from yoga, boot camp to celebrity trainer workouts that will challenge you both mentally and physically. The primary purpose of these exercises is to give you the morale to exercise harder than you used to or figure out a new workout regimen that will work well for you. For example, if you are into bodybuilding, we recommend MI40 workout.
  • Listening to motivation speakers – This year’s fitness convention organizers are planning to bring in more top experts and motivational speakers that will inspire you to start exercising. They will mix speeches and exercises to help you learn more. Point being, attending these conferences, you get to learn on how to improve your health as well as fitness.
  • Be the first to test the latest fitness technology – Many equipment manufacturers around the world take advantage of conventions to launch their new technologies. As a result, you will be among the first people to try these technologies which can be a fantastic experience for many. It will also help you choose the fitness equipment or ideas that fit your needs.

Top Fitness Conventions and Conference to Attend in 2017

  1. IDEA World Fitness Convention

This year’s IDEA World Fitness Convention is taking it a step further. Unlike the previous years, you will get a chance to interact with up to 10, 000 professionals including, fitness trainers, nutrition experts, leading fitness brands and more.

These professionals will be coming from more than 60 countries to celebrate with you the 35 anniversary of IDEA World Fitness Convention. You will also interact with many fitness fanatics from all intersections of health, fitness as well as wellness. Together, you will be able to discover new tools, techniques as well as strategies that will help change the world for the years to come.

  1. The FitExpo LA 2017

If you are looking for a conference that will fill your mind with unending fitness ideas, then FitExpo should be at the top of your list. The conference will be held in Los Angeles and will feature a variety of training techniques as well as health and fitness advice. You will also get a chance to meet your favorite fitness personalities and the best part, experience enthralling competitions.

Attending this year’s conference is your best chance to make your fitness journey fun and get yourself up there. You will also get some gifts including your favorite supplements, free gifts as well as T-Shirts. Another interesting team that will be attending include the athletes from TEAM and guess what? You will get a chance to get an autograph. Lastly, you will meet some of the most talented upcoming athletes and more.

  1. Club Industry Show

This year’s Club Industry Show will give you a chance to meet and interact with several industry leaders and other manufacturers of fitness products across the globe. Also, you will have a face to face chat with them to learn more about their products as well as technologies. While this year’s convention will focus more on networking events and training sessions, you will learn more about what you’ve been missing in your usual fitness regimen.

The most exciting part of this conference is that, if you have ideas, techniques or tricks to share, you will get a chance to inspire people in your way. 2017 Club Industry Show is all about the emerging fitness topics, businesses that aim to benefit fitness industry and most importantly, latest fitness trends that will impact your life.

  1. IHRSA

Nothing will make your fitness journey more exciting than getting tips from some of the most successful fitness enthusiasts on the planet. 2017’s IHRSA will feature more than 100 training sessions that will be delivered by several individuals from the health club industry. Also, you will be able to discover the latest technology that will make you enjoy your fitness journey throughout the coming years.

IHRSA has also decided to engage 350 exhibitors from all sides of the planet to represent their fitness products and services hoping to change the way you’ve been exercising. Lastly, the conference will offer a variety of networking opportunities that will feature, Fast Track Continental Breakfasts, Interactive education formats and much more.


You can’t learn anyway better than getting to hear from some of the most successful experts around the globe. Fitness conferences that will be held this year will give you an opportunity to hear from, interact with and have fun with many fitness enthusiasts, professionals as well as motivational speakers around the world. You will also experience the latest technology as well as try new workouts that might change the way you’ve been exercising. Attend any of the fitness conferences and conventions mentioned above and learn what you’ve been missing.